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Happy Birthday Katie!

Today I get to celebrate my wife’s 26th birthday. I am so thrilled to be able to call myself part of her family even though I am relatively new on the scene. I will never get enough time with this woman. 

She also has not one but two blogs better than mine. So check them out. (kquizzo | ourlittleplace)

vacuously true vows ftw

Bride Plays Drums to ‘Master of Puppets’ at her wedding

You know you made the right choice in marriage when your wife not only allows the wedding band to play “Master Of Puppets,” but actually plays drums on the song during the wedding reception. That’s exactly what happened at Dennis and Annette Ortiz-Dia’s wedding. The bride, who according to OC Weekly has played in multiple bands before on drums and bass, played the Metallica classic on the drums with her new husband on guitar.

The best thing about this clip other than Annette shredding on drums is that the couple are in an all-Asian Metallica tribute band called… wait for it… Trapped Under Rice!

Katie: you won’t

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Just came in the mail. So I guess we are really doing this thing huh? Couldn’t be more excited.

less than 7 months until the wedding. ive got to work on my double dream hands

Prepping for some wedding DIY projects. Katie is so creative and crafty.


Look at all that paper for crafty stuff!!

Ha ha. I guess Katie and I missed an opportunity on this one. Wow. 


I was handed this on campus. Stop it, Internet. Just stop.

Katie left me a fun little note on my  desktop widget. Thanks babe. (click through for high res)



Getting this in the mail helped make my very long day much better!


This makes ME so happy.

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Lollapalooza 2010 - Saturday

The Music:

My Name Is John Michael - I only stayed for a song or two. They had a fun sound. 

Harlem - I think I expected to much. They were introduced to me as retro punk which I can really go for. They were a little more poppy than I had expected. Regardless, it is Lollapalooza, so I was having fun.

Stars - Fantastic. I really like their new album a lot which proved to be very important. They played a lot of their new stuff and while a majority of the crowd just stood around for Dead Hearts, I Died so I could Haunt You, and We Don’t Want Your Body, my fiancee and I were jumping around like fools. This was one of the better shows of the day.

The XX - They played Intro so I was happy. Enough said. 

Gogol Bordello - Just what I expected. They commanded the festival crowd very well however the music leaves a lot to be desired. I am just not one for gypsy folk bands. But if you like gypsy folk bands, Gogol Bordello seems to be one of the best around :P

AFI - Not wanting to miss any of Metric, I went to see the first 3 songs of AFI’s show. I desperately wanted them to open with Medicate. The guy behind me who presented himself as an AFI fan said that “they would probably open with one of the first songs off of one of their albums”. He couldn’t remember the name. It later became clear that he thought he was seeing My Chemical Romance (facepalm). Either way, he was wrong. They opened with Medicate followed by Love Like Winter and The Leaving Song Part II. It was incredible. Say what you will about their music and their fans, they are amazing performers and their fans know how to bring the energy. These three songs got me more pumped up than anything else all weekend.

Metric - In the words of a friend of mine, “the epic songs were epic”. Unfortunately the forgettable songs were forgettable. I still had a blast though. Stadium love was as good live as I had expected. And it feels good anytime you are in the top 5% of band knowledge at a show. Fortunately that is easy to do at a festival. Makes me feel hip :)

Spoon - It was this or Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros. I think I made the right choice, but I will never know. I lost my shit when they played My Mathematical Mind and I Turn My Camera On (as if they wouldn’t). 

Cut Copy - Unfortunately for them, this slot is usually just people hanging around waiting for the headliner to come on. They deserved better than that. I could have prepared better, but the songs I new were done very well. Lights and Music is so hot. Check it out.

Phoenix (9|9) - Awesome show. I was very satisfied and the dance party that ensued during the encore was one of my highlights of the entire weekend. That being said, the criticisms are more fun and more interesting, so here I go.

Who did they think that they were kidding when they pretended to leave after “closing” with If I Ever Feel better without having played 1901 at all? Encores are not necessary at Lollapalooza, but if you are going to do it, at least make it somewhat believable. Or just walk off stage. Don’t say “this is our last song” and then play If I Ever Feel Better (don’t get me wrong, it is a perfectly fine song its just not the song you had in a national car commercial).

Also, your new album is great, but so was your previous one, Alphabetical. They did not play a single song off of Alphabetical. It was horribly disappointing. Everything is Everything, Victim of the Crime, Holdin’ on Together. All great songs. Play one!

The Crowds: 

Protestors - A group of uber ultra conservatives were picketing outside the entrance (pictures to come). I honestly thought they were joking at first. They were very entertaining but they are also doing for Christianity what terrorists do for Islam (although thankfully without the body count). My spiritual lesson of the day was not “Hillary Clinton should be in the kitchen”, it was that God is great enough to love these people too. Wow. Good for him. I need help with that.

Stars Autograph Tent - Highlight of the day? Yes. For sure. My fiance and I are planning on using My Favorite Book - Stars for our first dance at our wedding next summer. Katie shared this with the band via their twitter account, asking if they could break from their typical festival setlist and play it here at Lollapalooza. They wrote back, sadly told us that couldn’t work this time around, offered to sing it to us a capella at the autograph tent, and gave us two free tickets as a wedding present!

They were not able to take the time to sing the song, but they did recognize Katie by full name and seemed genuinely thrilled that they got to meet us. This kind of band interaction is rare and was heartwarming to see. Plus the look on Katie’s face should last me most of the way to the wedding day. She was adorable. 


Photo from the photo booth at the wedding we were at this weekend.

This about sums our relationship up. We’re pretty fun.

Anyone who has been to a wedding with a photo booth or has had one at your own wedding—opinions, please?! We are in the midst of trying to decide whether we should get one for our reception. Share your thoughts please, Tumblr!!

possible wedding drink?
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possible wedding drink?

(via domhoward, yagirllar)

Found my wedding DJ

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Smile Friday: I am marrying this guy! We took engagement photos yesterday! Our amazing photographer has already edited and shared four of them! They all are AWESOME!
So many reasons to smile!
(Please note little man in the bottom corner who is pointing to my ring! I told you—amazing!)


Smile Friday: I am marrying this guy! We took engagement photos yesterday! Our amazing photographer has already edited and shared four of them! They all are AWESOME!

So many reasons to smile!

(Please note little man in the bottom corner who is pointing to my ring! I told you—amazing!)